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Our training programme features

  • Instruction provided by native speakers
  • Official certification
  • Focus on business and general translation (or a chosen speciality)
  • A high degree of recognition
  • Admission without university entrance qualifications

Sound Knowledge & Innovation – Our Concept

The Cologne School of Translation & Interpretation

The RBZ Cologne has been active in education and training for over 40 years. Opened on 19 September 2010, our new School of Translation & Interpretation offers two full-time training programmes for the languages English, Spanish, Turkish, French, Russian and Arabic:

The exams for the state-certification programmes are administered by a state examination board, such as the Teacher Education Office in Darmstadt, thus enabling trainees to earn translator certification at near-university level. Unlike the Chamber of Commerce exams, which focus solely on business translation, the type of exams we offer – which are unique in NRW – also test general translation skills. Moreover, candidates for state certification can select an area of specialization other than business translation.

Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk

Our first level qualification: Certified Foreign Language
Correspondence Clerk (Chamber of Commerce)


State-certified Translator/Interpreter

Education & Training Progress
01 Basic Qualifications | Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk
  • General office and administration skills
  • Foreign language correspondence
  • Translation of business texts
  • Compilation, evaluation, analysis, and presentation of data from various sources,including foreign language texts
  • Preparation of reports and presentations
  • Organization of meetings and conferences,
  • Trade fair exhibits[read more]
02 Advanced Qualifications | Translator
  • Translation of specialized texts in an accurate, stylistically correct and target-group appropriate manner.
  • Wording of press releases, marketing texts and contracts in the target language.
  • Acting as management intermediary for all contacts, negotiations and agreements with foreign business associates.
  • Often carrying out the duties of a foreign language correspondence clerk, albeit with a higher degree of responsibility and independence.[read more]
03 Specialist Skills | Interpreter
  • Occasionally performing the same activities as a translator.
  • Interpreting conversations and negotiations between business associates with different native languages.
  • Translating speech directly into another language.
  • Acting as language intermediary for courts and other institutions, such as the European Patent Office.[read more]